The Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean
The Purpose of AMLC

The Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean (AMLC) was founded in 1957 by marine researchers with interests in the marine science of the tropical Atlantic and the Caribbean. Founded primarily as a scientific organization, the strength of AMLC lies in the diversity of its member laboratories and the extensive expertise of its membership. Institutional, Individual Scientist and Student memberships are available.

Annual AMLC meetings are hosted by member laboratories actively conducting marine research in the Caribbean. The host laboratory provides overall management of the meeting, arranging facilities for research presentations, receptions , and participant accommodations. The host also provides field trip opportunities during one designated "Field Trip Day" of the conference to provide occasions for participants to relax and network in informal environments. The AMLC has no designated official language so researchers are free to make their presentations in their native language.

Goals of AMLC
  • To advance common interests in the marine sciences.
  • To encourage the exchange of research results.
  • To foster cooperative research projects.
  • To expose students to established scientific methods.
  • To participate in decisions made by national and international organizations concerning the marine environment.

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