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The Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean
Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean
38th Scientific Conference

Marine Science in a Changing Climate

22 - 26 May 2017
Mérida, Yucatán México

The 38th Scientific Conference of the Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean (AMLC) will be jointly hosted by Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán (UADY), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), and CINVESTAV Unidad Mérida (CINVESTAV) which are all located in Mérida, Yucatán, México. The main venue for this meeting will be the Main Building on the UADY campus in Merida (see this map of the area).

This event will bring students, long time scientists, and all with an interest in marine science and policy together for a five-day meeting, focusing on presentations (including “as I see it”-type presentations), productive interactions, and field trips. The meeting is open to anyone and has seen a rapidly growing attendance over the last few years as the only Caribbean-focused meeting of its kind.

Meeting Theme

The meeting will encompass ALL aspects of marine science and resource management in the Greater Caribbean region. One aspect that will be addressed during this meeting is the changed dynamics that shape present day coral reef ecosystems and adjacent habitats. Better understanding these dynamics, which are fundamentally different from processes shaping these communities in the past, will help inform the science and present day management of tropical marine ecosystems. The theme of the meeting will therefore be: Marine Science in a Changing Climate.

Contributions in the following topical areas are encouraged:

Connectivity, including habitat linkages between coral reefs, mangroves and sea grass, larval distribution patterns, spawning aggregations, land-sea interactions, mesophotic communities.

Global and Regional Issues, including sea level rise, climate change, regional patterns of coral bleaching and disease, coastal processes, natural disturbances, pollution, sedimentation.

Resource Management, including MPAs, ecosystem approaches to coastal management, fisheries, aquaculture, conservation, monitoring and assessment, social economics, public awareness.

Ecology, including ecology, behavior, reproduction, diseases, invasive organisms, food web dynamics, reef resilience, deep coral reefs, species inventories and range extensions, and habitat mapping.

Remote Sensing, including use of drones, LiDAR, multiband satellite imaging, Structure-from-Motion, and GIS applications.

By bringing together participants from a broad collection of geographic and scientific specialties, the AMLC hopes that this meeting provides a setting for the synthesis for new marine science ideas, discoveries, and techniques; and that it serves to expand regional and interdisciplinary collaborations throughout the Greater Caribbean region.

The AMLC hopes to see you in Mérida!


Connect with Fellow Attendees!

To facilitate collaboration and general planning we have created a Facebook page specifically for the attendees of the 38th AMLC meeting on Curacao. This Facebook page is intended for people to start asking questions about potential collaborations, specimen samples, travel, etc., before the meeting, and to continue conversations afterwards.

Read about our interesting & accomplished Plenary Speakers!
  • Dr. Roberto Iglesias-Preito — Penn State University, USA

  • Dr. Philip Kramer — Florida Institute of Oceanography, USA
       The AGRRA Program at 20 years old: Perspectives on monitoring and policy and the future of Caribbean reefs

NOTE: For those that have not registered yet, we strongly encourage you to do so before you arrive in Mérida to avoid long waiting times at the registration desk.

If you plan to register at the meeting for practical or other reasons, please inform the AMLC Treasurer, Laurie Richardson, beforehand by emailing

Registration Fees
Registration Type Fee
Regular (includes 2-year membership) USD $400
Official Representative of an AMLC Institutional Sponsor, AMLC Officers, & Honorary Lifetime Members USD $340
Student (includes 2-year membership) USD $200
This rate only applies to Honorary Lifetime Members, to individuals officially designated by a sponsoring institution as their VOTING representative to the AMLC Executive Board, and to elected AMLC officers. The institution must not be arrears in dues payments.

Abstract Dates
Submission deadline 31 March 2017
Notification of abstract acceptance sent no later than 16 April 2017
Notification on type of presentation (oral or poster) 16 April 2017

Student Travel Awards

The AMLC is now accepting applications for a limited number of Student Travel Awards. Follow this link for details.

Field trips during AMLC meeting on Wednesday May 24th

During the AMLC meeting in Mérida, several fieldtrips will be arranged for participants to explore the historical, cultural, and natural sites in and around Mérida. This PDF provides descriptions and costs for the various options. Details on booking a field trip will be available at the meeting registration desk. All field trips will be on Wednesday May 24th.

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