The Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean
Membership Application for Institutions

Applications for Institutional Membership are voted upon by the AMLC Executive Board, which meets once per year. During years with Scientific Meetings, the Board meets at that time, and during off-years, the Board meets during the summer, usually in June or July.

Institutions wishing to submit an application for membership should write a letter of interest on institutional letterhead and signed by the Institution Director or Manager, requesting consideration by the AMLC Executive Board for membership. This letter should be accompanied by institutional brochures, flyers, or other pertinent information describing the institution's purpose, organization, staffing, capabilities, and research activities. In addition, the first dues payment of US $200.00 must be made as part of the application process, preferably through the AMLC website here. To discuss other payment options, please contact Dr. Franziska Elmer, AMLC Treasurer.

Please, email the letter of interest, supporting information, and the date when the dues payment was made to Questions about the application process should be directed to Dr. Leandra Cho-Ricketts, AMLC Membership Director.

Following receipt of this application, the Executive Board will consider it during the next regularly scheduled meeting, at which a majority quorum vote will determine acceptance. While materials provided by the institution will be considered by the Executive Board during its deliberations, the applying institution is welcome to send a delegate to the Board meeting to present relevant information describing the institution. The question of new membership applications is taken up early in the meeting, and upon acceptance, the delegate may immediately participate as a full voting member of the Executive Board, serving as the new member's Institutional Representative. The US $200.00 payment will then satisfy the first year's institutional dues.

If the membership application is denied, the delegate is welcome to remain at the meeting as visitor, participating in deliberations, but without a vote. In such case, the original payment of US $200.00 will be returned to the applying institution.

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