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The Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean
to the
Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean!

Coordinating and networking marine research
throughout the
Greater Caribbean Region

AMLC is a confederation of 27 marine research, education, and resource management institutions endeavoring to encourage the production and exchange of research and resource management information, advance the cause of marine and environmental education in the region, and facilitate cooperation and mutual assistance among its membership.

We also have more than 500 Individual Members with professional research and management interests in the Region. While the AMLC is at its core an association of institutions, these individual members avail themselves of networking and professional interaction opportunities afforded by AMLC activities. Active communication among members is enabled by our AMLC Listserve and AMLC FaceBook page, instantly connecting members and providing networking and information resources for pursuing our professional and research interests.

AMLC is a 501(c)(3) corporation governed by an Executive Board consisting of one Institutional Representative from each Institutional Member plus a slate of officers elected by the Executive Board. A list of current officers with contact information may be found in the About Us section of this site, and a membership directory is available under Networking Opportunities.

Scientific Meetings are held every other year (see Meetings), for which peer-reviewed Proceedings are published as Supplemental Editions of the International Journal for Tropical Biology (Revista de Biología Tropical). It is our intention to provide these Proceedings volumes on-line in the Proceedings Archive section as we develop this site. Financial assistance is provided to help students to attend these Scientific Meetings whenever funds are available, and cash/certificate awards are presented for the best verbal- and poster-presentations by students (see Student Awards).

Register now for our upcoming 37th Scientific Conference in Curaçao!
See our Meeting page for details.

NEW (16 April 2015):Presentation guidelines for posters and talks are now available.

NEW (2 April 2015):A DRAFT Meeting Program is now available on our Meeting page.

NEW (3 March 2015):Information on field trips is now available on our Meeting page.

NEW (15 February 2015):Early registration deadline extended to March 22, 2015.

NEW (3 February 2015):Abstract submission deadline extended to March 10, 2015.

NEW (9 Novmember 2014):Submit a session idea for the 37th Scientific Conference in Curaçao.

NEW (9 Novmember 2014):Submit an abstract for the 37th Scientific Conference in Curaçao.

NEW (3 October 2014):We are now accepting applications for the 2015 Student Grants-in-Aid of Caribbean Marine Research program. See our Grants page for details.

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